Batman Nendoroid Action Figure DC Comica Dark Knight

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Batman Figure


Material: PVC

Size: 10cm approx.



Batman Nendoroid Action Figure – Bruce Wayne was born to millionaires Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham City. As a boy, Bruce was orphaned when Thomas tried to protect Martha from a mugger named Joe Chill, who murdered them both. Since then, Bruce vowed to wage a war on crime and avenge their deaths. Bruce’s Uncle Philip Wayne became his legal guardian and enrolled him in the elementary school Hudson Academy. He eventually enrolled in University, focusing his attention both on his scientific studies and keeping his body in peak physical condition.

Batman Nendoroid Action Figure

The Batman

Believing criminals to be a “cowardly and superstitious lot”, Bruce decided that he needed an identity that would strike terror into the hearts of criminals. While considering this, a bat flew into his study, which Bruce took as an omen and inspired him to have his new identity be a bat. To this end, he hired (without revealing his identity) the finest suitmakers to create the bat costume and paid them to tell no one about it. Batman Nendoroid Action Figure

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Batman had gone out on partol and despite a disastrous first attempt at crime-fighting, he made a name for himself in the “Apex Chemicals” case, solving a series of murders within the company and defeating criminal businessman Alfred Stryker and his criminal underlings. Batman Nendoroid Action Figure  He would go on to fight criminals, originally not afraid to use lethal force and even weilding guns, though he would soon cease these more extreme crime-fighting methods. Batman’s success led to a rise in fame and the grudging admiration of Commissioner James Gordon Batman and Gordon would become allies, with Gordon calling on Batman in times of need. Batman would go on to fight and defeat such villains as Doctor Death, the Monk, Duc D’Orterre, Sheldon Lennox, and Hugo Strange. Batman Nendoroid Action Figure

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