Charmander Stuffed Animal

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4 Things You Never Knew About Pokemon

1/ There Was A Pokemon Green Version In Japan
Though gamers were initially exposed to the world of Pokemon in 1998, thanks to the Red and Blue Versions releasing side by side, Japan saw the release of a third version, Pokemon Green. This 3rd version featured Venusaur on the cartridge and was initially released alongside Pokemon Red at launch in Japan. Japan’s Blue Version was released to the public eight months after the release of the other two. It offered improved graphics and dialogue. It’s code, script, and artwork was used as a template for the worldwide releases of both Red and Green. With the international release of these games, Red and Green were renamed to Red and Blue. Little is known as to exactly why they changed it to Red and Blue, but some believe it has to do with the marketability of Blastoise as opposed to Venusaur. Charmander Stuffed Animal

2/ Spinarak’s Backstory
Spinarak was created in a children’s Pokemon design activity in the American Trading Card Game League. This is actually a lie that has perpetually been assumed as fact due to it appearing on the famous Pokemon wiki called Bulbapedia. Spinarak was featured in the second generation of Pokemon, which released in 1999. The American version of the Pokemon TCG didn’t officially start a league until 2000. Many sites have come forward to debunk this long-running misconception, but it hasn’t stopped people from writing about this supposed mark of American pride in the world of Pokemon. It’s still not out of the realm of possibility that Spinarak was indeed a creation via a children’s design activity in Japan, but there is no conceivable way that the cute little spider Pokemon’s origin lays in the states. Charmander Stuffed Animal avengers Toys

3/ Cubone Is A Baby Kangaskhan
There’s been a long-running fan theory that Cubone is actually the result of a baby Kangaskhan unfortunately losing their mother. Besides the stunning resemblance between the sprites for both a Cubone and baby Kangaskhan, there is indeed some factual evidence that leads to the strengthening of this mysterious theory. Code enthusiasts have found that the missing code that results in the appearance of the infamous MissingNo actually relates to the lack of implementation of Marowak having a final evolution. The code was moved to an empty spot and led to the creation of the bizarre encounter. The theory is that the developers ran out of time and were actually planning to make Kangaskhan the final evolution of Cubone/Marowak. The last piece of evidence lays within the Pokedex entries for both Cubone, the orphan Pokemon, and Kangaskhan, the parent pokemon. Strange coincidence right? Charmander Stuffed Animal

4/ Gengar Might Actually Be Clefable’s Shadow
Unfortunately, this myth has never been proven and doesn’t have a ton of tangible evidence outside of just comparing both of the Pokemon. The first thing linking Gengar and Clefable has to do with their place within the Pokedex. If you sort the Pokedex by index number, Gengar shortly follows Clefable. Gengar also happens to be listed as the shadow Pokemon. Mere coincidence? Clefable and Gengar have almost identical body shapes and seem to mirror each other’s outline near perfectly. Lastly, one of them is normal type while the other is a ghost type. This means that they technically can’t hit one another, which makes perfect sense. Have you ever tried to fight your shadow? One day the Pokemon Company might finally reveal if Gengar is indeed the shadow of their original plan for the face of Pokemon, Clefable. Charmander Stuffed Animal

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