Legend of Zelda Switch Case

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30 Things You Never Knew About Breath of the Wild

1) If you throw a rusty weapon at some Octoroks, they will suck it up and spit back out a cleaned, new weapon. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

2) You can survive in cold environments without elixirs or warm clothes just by equipping a Fire Rod or a torch.

3) The temperature in the desert is lower in the shade than it is in the sun.

4) Killing animals in very hot or very cold climates will give you meat that’s already cooked or chilled instead of raw meat. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

5) If you use boulders, Cryonis, or other tricks to lift or dislodge an old rusted guardian you’ll find more ancient materials underneath it.

6) If you befriend dogs at stables they’ll sometimes lead you to buried treasure chests.

7) If you feed your horse an Endura Carrot it will have more dash charges when you mount it.

8) You can ride a bear. And a moose. And a deer. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

9) You can (very briefly) mount and ride a Lynel. They don’t like it very much.

10) You can ride an enemy’s skeletal undead horse.

11) If you try to take said horse to a stable to board it, the employees will freak out and not allow you to.

12) Link has a custom flexing idle animation if he doesn’t have a shirt equipped.

13) If you throw a boomerang at a Lizalfos, their weapon of choice, they’ll just catch it and use it against you. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

14) If you drop raw meat on the ground on Death Mountain, it’ll instantly turn into steak.

15) You can break the ice blocks bosses thrown at you with Cryonis — no need to spend all your arrows.

16) If you disarm a tough enemy and drop a leaf or other weak weapon in front of them, they’ll pick it up and use it.

17) If you shoot a Hinox’s single eye two times he’ll start shielding it with his hand, making the fight more challenging. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

18) If you crawl onto a sleeping Hinox’s hand he’ll eventually lift you onto his belly to scratch himself. Then if you’re careful you can loot their necklace without fighting them.

19) You can burn off a Hinox’s leg armor to do more damage to it with your weapons.

20) Bokoblins and other monsters can be distracted by apples or other food you drop and will rush over to eat it.

21) A certain rare NPC sells monster masks that you can equip to infiltrate enemy camps without aggroing them. It is unsettling. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

22) Shooting a metal box in an enemy camp with an electric arrow creates a huge damaging electric field.

23) You can drop and detonate bombs while parasailing over enemy camps.

24) Bomb arrows don’t work in the rain — they just fizzle out.

25) You can farm bomb arrows this way. Find a camp where the sentries wield bomb arrows, and go there in the rain. You can pick up all their unexploded shots. Bowser Action Figure

26) On the other hand, bomb arrows taken out in extremely hot environments will instantly detonate.

27) If you cut down a tree with a flameblade it makes a campfire instead of a stack of wood.

28) Cooking during a blood moon creates “critical success” super-strong foods.

29) Looking for a shrine? Look up — shrines usually have a group of birds circling above them.

30) The “Game Over” text can be icy, electrified, or have other special effects based off how you died. Legend of Zelda Switch Case

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