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5 Things You Never Knew About Princess Peach


Princess Peach and Mario are the original power couple of the gaming world, but Peach wasn’t the first girl that Mario rescued from an eight-bit monster. Peach made her debut in 1985’s Super Mario Bros, where she was being held hostage by the Koopa King, Bowser. Four years earlier, however, Mario was busy saving a different damsel in distress – Pauline.

The much less well-known Pauline was the female star of Donkey Kong, and many fans have mistaken her for an earlier version of Princess Peach. The two now look very different: Pauline is a brunette in a red dress (and a civilian), while Peach is a blonde in pink. However, earlier games (and far less detailed characters) showed Pauline with a pink dress and Peach with a white dress (and brown hair). It’s easy to see why these two would be easily confused in the early days. Now we know, however, that Pauline is actually a different romantic interest for the little plumber, one that didn’t quite stand the test of time. Mario Peach Figure


Before we start feeling too sorry for Princess Peach and her boyfriend’s romantic history, it’s important to know that Mario wasn’t Peach’s only love interest, either. In the 1986 anime Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen (The Great Mission To Save Princess Peach), an alternative version of events is presented. In this world, Princess Peach is still kidnapped by King Koopa, and it is up to Mario and Luigi to save her. So far, so similar.

However, the two grocers (not plumbers!) are joined by a little dog named Kibidango, and all three set off to save the Princess from a forced wedding to King Koopa. At the end of the film, when the Princess has been saved, it is revealed that Kibidango is actually a Prince, and Princess Peach’s intended. Prince Haru was turned into a dog by Bowser, and now that Mario has saved her, Haru can become human again and marry Peach. Mario Peach Figure


Although she has always been Princess Peach in her native Japan, the Super Mario Bros Princess started out with a very different moniker in the rest of the world. In the US, she was originally known as Princess Toadstool, although this change has never been fully explained. We can assume that (for whatever reason) the name was changed to reflect her place in the Mushroom Kingdom, and her Toad subjects. In this case, it probably would make more sense for the name change to have been to Princess Mushroom, or Princess Toad, but video games in the ’80s are rarely strongly rooted in logic.

In any case, North American gamers in the ’80s and early ’90s called her Princess Toadstool, until Nintendo decided to deal with the confusion by re-naming her Peach in all games. The Princess Peach name first appeared in Yoshi’s Safari in 1993, but was only really made common in 1996, with the release of Super Mario 64. In this game, Peach sent a letter to Mario signed “Princess Toadstool, Peach”, and the rest is history. Mario Peach Figure


Before creating either Mario or Donkey Kong, a Popeye-inspired video game was in the works at Nintendo. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto loved the sailor characters, and Nintendo was even in talks with the owners of Popeye (King Features Syndicate) about licensing the characters for a game. However, when the deal didn’t happen, Miyamoto decided to re-work the Popeye staples into a new game. Popeye became Mario, Bluto became a barrel-tossing ape, and Olive Oyl became the damsel in distress Pauline for the classic Donkey Kong. Mario Peach Figure bowser plush toy

When Miyamoto then developed Mario’s next adventure, Super Mario Bros, the character of Pauline was changed to a new damsel, Princess Peach (as we’ve already seen on this list). Therefore, by a slightly tortuous route, Peach is actually originally inspired by Olive Oyl – although the two have little in common beyond a constant need to be saved by the manly hero. Interestingly, later versions of Pauline ended up looking more like Olive, as her dress became red and her hair a darker shade of brown.


Like most characters in video games (and comics, for that matter), Princess Peach has had a few different looks over the years. In her first appearance in Super Mario Bros (in 1985) Peach wore a white dress, and sported red-brown hair. In a strategy guide released in Japan in 1987, she was actually a Toad, with a mushroom cap on her head rather than hair (which may explain the ‘Princess Toadstool’ moniker a little better). Mario Peach Figure

However, her creator Miyamoto wasn’t happy about her original design, and asked another designer to make some changes. Yōichi Kotabe was the man who created the final design for Peach, with some very specific guidelines. Kotabe was told to make her eyes “cat-like” and that she should appear “stubborn, but cute”. Since this design was created, very little has changed other than the overall style of game art – she keeps her blonde hair, white gloves, tiara, and pink dress throughout most games. Mario Peach Figure


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