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Pickle Rick Beanie Hat





Pickle Rick Beanie Hat – “Pickle Rick” is the third episode of the third season of the Adult Swim animated television series Rick and Morty. Written by Jessica Gao and directed by Anthony Chun, the episode premiered on August 6, 2017. In “Pickle Rick”, Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy, but Beth confiscates his antidote and the others go to therapy. Meanwhile, Rick falls into a sewer and constructs mechanisms from dead animals to survive. Pickle Rick Beanie Hat He escapes into a highly secure building, where he kills the agents inside in order to leave. He goes to the therapy session and later receives the antidote syringe from Beth. Pickle Rick Beanie Hat

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The episode parodies action films and was inspired by Breaking Bad episode “4 Days Out”. In a continuation of the season’s storyline of Beth and Jerry’s divorce, “Pickle Rick” explores Beth’s unhealthy relationship with Rick, who disregards the importance of family. Pickle Rick Beanie Hat It was watched by 2.3 million viewers when it first aired on Adult Swim, having been a highly anticipated episode for the show’s fanbase. The episode received positive reviews, particularly praising the animation and design of Pickle Rick and his fight scenes, as well as the performance of guest actors Danny Trejo (as Jaguar) and Susan Sarandon (as Dr. Wong). It won the 2018 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, which was the first Emmy Award won by Rick and Morty. Pickle Rick Beanie Hat

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