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7 Things You Never Knew About The Legend of Zelda

1. Ocarina Of Time Was Originally Going To Be First-Person
The story goes that Miyamoto wanted to make a fully first-person Zelda title, but Ocarina Of Time’s director had a different vision, and steadfastly stood his ground on the matter. Toon Link Plush

With that said though, the idea was adapted to become the aiming system seen above.

2. There Used To Be A Legend Of Zelda Cereal
No, it’s sadly no longer available, but it probably wouldn’t be allowed to sit on shop shelves even if it were – the sugar content of the brightly-coloured food was astronomical.

3. The Wii Version Of Twilight Princess Is The Wrong Way Around
It might not be the sole reason that the Wii version of Twilight Princess was the opposite way round to the GameCube version, but Shigeru Miyamoto stated that they made Link right-handed for the Wii because they noted how most people held the Wii Remote right-handed while playing. Toon Link Plush

4. Twilight Princess Has Two Different Links In It
Remember that zombie-like swordsman that teaches Twilight Princess’ Link how to fight effectively?

Yeah, through his cryptic dialogue, he reveals that he’s the Hero Of Time from Ocarina.

5. Wind Waker’s Ganondorf Has Some Finely Crafted Swords
In a cute little nod to fans of Majora’s Mask, the engravings on Ganondorf’s katana-like swords reveal that they were forged by Zubora and Gubora – the two blacksmiths that live on top of Snowhead Mountain. Toon Link Plush

6. The Series Was Visually Inspired By Disney
More specifically, Disney’s Peter Pan had more than just a superficial influence on the aesthetic of Zelda’s various characters.

Link’s green garb bears more than just a passing resemblance to Pan’s, and even Tinkerbell gets a nod through Navi.

7. Wind Waker’s Hyrule Castle Tells The Story Of The Ocarina Of Time
It’s a neat little easter egg, and one that directly ties The Wind Waker to the events that unfolded in Ocarina Of Time. Bowser Stufffed Animal

The stained glass windows in the sunken Hyrule Castle retell the Hero Of Time’s journey across time to defeat Ganondorf. Toon Link Plush


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