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Fun Super Mario Facts!

If you run Mario’s face into a cactus on the Sand Kingdom stage, he will have cactus needles sticking from his nose.

When Mario gets a regular moon, he uses one of three hand gestures that reference previous Mario games. He’ll either throw a peace sign from Mario 64, an open palm from Mario Sunshine, or a closed fist from Mario Galaxy. Wario Waluigi Toys

Almost every outfit Mario wears is a reference to something in Mario’s past, whether it’s really old Super Game Boy commercials, games Mario has once appeared in, or even wacky 3DS ads.

Every time Mario Takes part in a mini-game such as jump roping or volleyball, a tiny picture of Mr. Game and Watch accompanies it, representing that challenge. Legend of Zelda Plush

New Donk City includes countless references to the Donkey Kong games, such as stores being named after Diddy Kong, or the fact that every street name is the character from the series. Even cooler is that the cars all have Donkey Kong’s original release printed on them. Wario Waluigi Toys

If Mario does something out of the ordinary, NPCs will occasionally reward you with special text boxes. These stem from acts like jumping on a sphinx’s head, breaking this poor man’s RC car, or even ignoring boss fights. Wario Waluigi Toys

Mario can ground pound into tubes to enter them faster. It even plays a sped-up tube entrance jingle when you do this. Wario Waluigi Toys

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